Those New Yorker Magazine Covers

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There is no shortage of things to say about those New Yorker magazine covers. They are timeless, yet timely. Hip, but refined. They make us laugh and give us pause.

And, sometimes they are a little New York-centric. Saul Steinberg’s “A View of the World From 9th Avenue” is one of the most famous sketches to ever grace The New Yorker. Like many covers, it found a way to make all of us laugh.

A current exhibition of New Yorker covers reminds us how well the illustrations have captured the moment – and more – for the past 80 years. The magazine’s stunning response to 9/11, the ominous, almost empty, black cover of the twin towers has become an icon.


Lee Lorenz, former Art and Cartoon Editor of The New Yorker, and author of “The Art of The New Yorker: 1925-1995″

Francoise Mouly, current Art Editor of The New Yorker

Maira Kalman, illustrator and The New Yorker cover artist.