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Ice Ages

The Technology
  Tropical Cores

The Deepest Hole

ICE CORES : Frozen in Time

Scientists are drilling deep into the thick polar ice sheet that covers most of the island of Greenland to find clues about the world's climate. The ice they pull out of a two-mile deep shaft contains information about ancient weather patterns and hints towards future trends. Bubbles preserved in the ice are tiny samples of the atmosphere that researchers can use to learn about the history of the earth.

The Deepest Hole
The NGRIP drill site is in an extremely harsh and remote location. See pictures of how the scientists conduct their research.

Tropical Ice Cores
Ice samples are taken from snow-capped mountains in the tropics. See the lab where one team studies tropical ice cores.

Copenhagen Ice Core Lab
One major ice core research facility is located in Copenhagen. Take a tour through the freezers of these labs to see how miles of ice core samples are stored.
Lonnie Thompson
A leading scientist in tropical ice core research explains the findings of his work.


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