Andy Rooney

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Andy Rooney is television’s most famous curmudgeon. Only he doesn’t like that word.

Rooney doesn’t like a lot of things. And he doesn’t mind complaining publicly. You might say he’s a connoisseur of life’s little annoyances. Like why automobile manufacturers can’t make better bumpers or why the packaging for a bag of potato chips cost more than the chips do or what “all natural” and “fat free” really mean anyway. Or why the phone company and the airlines irritate us so.

Has he ever made you wonder why people collect things on their desks, or why there have to be so many different kinds of electrical cords and adapters? Did you ever wonder why Andy Rooney gets so aggravated about pet food and designer labels and restaurant waiters?

Or about bathing suits and minivans and the way women mow the lawn? You get the idea….don’t you?
(Hosted by Bob Oakes)


Andy Rooney