Late Night and the Campaign

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George W. Bush will neither confirm nor deny what the late night comedians say about him: “Thinks like a Republican, parties like a Democrat.” But his handlers are listening.

John McCain ignores the dig that he just hired Latrell Sprewell as an anger consultant. Al Gore and Bill Bradly have had to confront the “wooden thing” – one writer said it was like “choosing between a block of maple and a block of oak.”

But while the voters laugh, the campaign managers worry. They all know that good political satire sticks. Dan Quayle will never get past the potato, or Gary Trudeau’s feather. Gerald Ford will always be falling down to open Saturday Night Live.

So as this political season gears up, the candidates are watching all the monologs, comedy sketches and editorial cartoons with fingers crossed.

We’re talking about political humor and the campaign in this hour.
(Hosted by Bob Oakes)


Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show”, Harry Shearer actor and writer of the Simpsons and “Le Show”, and Tom Toles, syndicated political Cartoonist.