Computer and Video Games

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The multi-billion dollar computer and video game market is the fastest-growing segment of the entertainment industry and will soon outstrip Hollywood in the revenue race.

Today’s kids, the children of Americans weaned on Atari, Nintendo, and Sega, are living virtual lives on Sony Playstation, computer games, and web-based games they can play with friends in other countries.

These games draw deep lines in the cultural sand; there’s no question that they’ve changed irrevocably the way children play. If you think computer games are all about blowing people’s heads off, reinforcing gender stereotypes, or creating violent kids, you’re missing out on a world of fantasy, fun, and fine-art.

Alongside the gunfights and hand-to-hand combat are creative worlds that stimulate the imagination, that teach difficult concepts in math and science, and some that are quite simply artforms in themselves.
(Hosted by Christopher Lydon)


Henry Jenkins, Director of the Comparitive Media Studies Program at MIT, Eric Zimmerman, cutting edge game designer, and Karen Sideman, Creative Director of The Children’s Television Workshop Online