Janet Maslin

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New York Times chief movie critic Janet Maslin quit her dream job last year after almost thirty years of reviewing movies. “I didn’t have the mean gene anymore,” she said. Some people might say she wasn’t mean enough, especially to Leonardo di Caprio, Steven Spielberg and Julia Roberts.

Janet Maslin stood out among the smart New York critics, especially for her enthusiastic plugs for Titanic, last year’s Star Wars blockbuster and Stanley Kubrick’s posthumous “Eyes Wide Shut.”

She’s just left what may be one of the most influential newspaper jobs in the business, but it came at a price. Four hundred odd movies a year, missing Mothers’ Day every spring to be at the Cannes Film Festival and the relentless corporate marketing coming from the dream factory began to get her down.

She says in her free time, she’ll either go to the movies all the time or never.
(Hosted by Christopher Lydon)


Janet Maslin, movie critic