Recapping the Grammy's

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The Winners are in… and the predicted edginess of the 43rd annual Grammy awards ended up on a more rounded note.

It was once again the year of the graying rocker — as veteran bands Steely Dan and U-2 took home the top trophies. Shut out last night were the factory-made teeny-bop poppers ‘N Sync and Britney Spears – and abundant was the hype around the sometimes sexist often gay-bashing rap album “The Marshall Mathers LP”.

It was also a night of odd bedfellows – As Techno mixed with soul and the world witnessed the much anticipated duet of the openly gay Elton Jay and the homophobic hip-hopper Eminem . The Grammy awards are sold as a microcosm of the music industry– so what did last night say about pop music today?
(Hosted by Christopher Lydon)


Matt Ashere, Music Editor of the Boston Pheonix

Jay Sweet, Music Supervisor at the Planetary Group, a National Artist Develpment and Production Company.