The Philosophy of Fashion

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If you tried to iron out metaphysics of fashion where would you start? By nature fashion is ephemeral – transient and frivolous.

Un-zip, un-buckle, and un-button all you like – it’s tough to uncover any essence or eternal truth because fashion is the absolute new – a permanent novelty… Perhaps we’d be better off pinning down when fashion is… the future? But is it really 2002 if you are wearing 1984? Fashion is constantly pulling from the past — borrowing and stealing in order to create an ever changing present.

But don’t leave the dressing room yet — because it turns out that fashion is a perfect size concept for us to understand the pace and rhythm of the modern world. Join us for the eternal recurrence of the new, the philosophy of fashion.
(Hosted by Christopher Lydon)


Tobi Tobias, author of “Obsessed By Dress”

and Ulrich Lehman author of “Tigersprung: Fashion in Modernity.”