Einstein – Picasso

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Einstein. Picasso. Two years apart in age, separated by borders and languages, the dashing painter and the fuzzy-haired scientist may have shared more than we realize.

A hundred years ago, the two set off on revolutionary paths winding through the science, mathematics, and aesthetics of the time. Historian and philosopher of science Arthur I. Miller argues we’ve let them walk alone too long. He says, through the right lens — Picasso’s Cubism emerges as the child of turn-of-the-century geometry and science, and Einstein’s Relativity clearly finds its inspiration in aesthetics.

To be an artist…to be a scientist…to be Einstein, or Picasso – is to listen to the voices of an age and revel in the picture they paint together. Two men of genius, one time, in the explosion of thought that launched the twentieth century.
(Hosted by Judy Swallow)


Arthur I. Miller, author of “Einstein Picasso”;

Howard Gardner, Professor of education and cognition at Harvard.