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Now it’s Albanians and Slavs fighting in Macedonia. And Americans are either trying to sort out who’s who…or saying “enough already, who cares?”

Two years ago, NATO began its bomb attacks on Kosovo and Serbia. The goal: to “persuade” Slobodan Milosevic and advocates of a Greater Serbia to lay off ethnic Albanians in Kosovo. Now, in the name of civil rights, some of those same Albanians are waging guerilla war in neighboring Macedonia. And they have turned the one part of old Yugoslavia relatively untouched by a decade of warfare…into a nation on the verge of breakdown.

Bill Clinton ordered the bombing to “prevent a wider war.” President George W. Bush campaigned on dis-engagement from the Balkans, but the G-I’s are still there.
(Hosted by Judy Swallow)


Scott Peterson, reporter for The Christian Science Monitor in Tetova, Macedonia.;

Steven L. Burg, professor of politics at Brandeis Univeristy and co-author of “The War in Bosnia-Herzegovina: Ethnic Conflict and International Intervention.”;

Joseph Dioguardi, former Republican Congressman from Ney York, president of the Albanian-American Civic League.;

Dusko Doder, journalist, formerly of The Washington Post, author of “Milosovic: Portrait of a Tyrant.”;