Waking Joey Ramone

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The Ramones were fun. They were fast. And they were first.

In a twenty-two year recording career, they produced twenty-one albums. In a fifteen-minute set, they might play fourteen songs. Their sound was the musical equivalent of the sonic boom. And Joey Ramone, the gangly giant who became the voice of punk rock, was their king. Just as he towered above everyone he met, he was almost six-six in stocking feet, he loomed large over an American music scene that had lost its way in the 70s and was getting by on overproduced puffery. Not bad for a misfit from Queens for whom every day was bad hair day.

But that was the essence of punk: A safe harbor for the world-weary and too smart for their own good.
(Hosted by Alex Beam)


Danny Fields, Ramones manager and the man who got them their first recording contract

Seymour Stein, Founder of Sire Records and the man who gave the Ramones their first recording contract

Hilly Kristal, owner of CBGB in New York City, where Ramones go their start

Deborah Harry, also known as the lead singer of Blondie

Chris Stein, Blondie guitarist

Craig Leon, produced first Ramones album.