Women of Soccer

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The two new professional sports leagues in America couldn’t be more different.

We have the XFL for our fix of second-tier football and buxom babes, and then there’s the WUSA. It’s womens professional soccer. Called the “world’s premier professional womens soccer league.” A family-oriented concept cast as proof that women too can achieve their dreams. Soccer has long left American men in the dust behind sturdy Germans, brawling Brits, and speedy Chileans, while fickle American sports fans complain “these guys just don’t score enough.”

But a group of cable giants is banking on the appeal of female gold, silver, and bronze medallists from around the world, women whose names will go down in history as 20th century pioneers.
(Hosted by Alex Beam)


Kate Sobrero, member of the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team and the Boston Breakers

Joe Cummings, Breakers’ general manager

Donna DeVarona, founding member of the Women’s Sports Foundation and 1999 World Cup chair;

Jennifer Lee, staff writer for the Sports Business Journal.