President Bush Goes to Europe

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A new president goes abroad, and a newly confident Europe wonders if this President is the Texas “Lone Ranger” who’s swaggering into town, wrecking the fine china of diplomacy, and lassoing, with a decidedly hawkish twist, the liberal thinkers at the European Salon.

With this week’s transatlantic Grand Tour, President Bush is trying to convince the skeptics that he’s for real, and that America still knows best. Good luck Anti-Americanism, which has always been as fashionable as Gitanes and a tangy glass of Pimms, is on the rise. In the past 6 months, Europe’s gripes have grown. Think the death penalty and Kyoto, missle defense and steel imports.

The Connection is looking at the U.S. with European eyes, exploring the myth and reality of the Ugly American, here.
(Hosted by Jacki Lyden)


Graham Allison, Director of Harvard’s Belfer Center for Science and International Studies

Louise Richardson, Professor of Government at Harvard’s Center for European Studies

Henry Porter, London Editor of Vanity Fair

and Tom Buhrow, Paris bureau chief of ARD, German TV.