Steve Earle

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Songwriter-musician Steve Earle has done his time, in his life and in his art.

The gauntlet of the Nashville music scene, the slavery of drug addiction, the bleak and revelatory jail time, and musical success without compromise. Now the master-songwriter has turned his pen towards prose, with a new book of stories called Doghouse Roses. In it, a coke addict finds anything but peace in the emptiness of the desert. A small African-American boy learns the fatal truths of American racism. An upstanding attorney seeks closure in the execution of his wife’s alleged killer.

The stories echo Earle’s songs, they’re a lush new arrangement of his politics, sensibilities and convictions, with bittersweet melodies and characters who follow their own rhythms, of loneliness, love, and transcendence.
(Hosted by Jacki Lyden)


Steve Earle, musician, songwriter, and author of a new book Doghouse Roses.