Ana Menendez

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One Cuban boy plucked from the sea, and a world of attention on the Cubans of Miami.

Writer Ana Menendez watched the community she once covered as a journalist transformed, in the media spotlight, into passionate, unreasonable cartoon figures waving hands in the air. Now a fiction writer, Menendez penned a book of short stories to recapture the subtleties of Miami Cubans and explore her own heritage. The collection is titled “In Cuba I Was a German Shepherd.”

In the stories, the characters’ sorrows and manias leave them with one finger on the island and one foot in the sea. Elder generations watch their children slip away, only to find that Cuba lives on in all of them.
(Hosted by Tom Ashbrook)


Ana Menendez, author of “In Cuba I Was a German Shepherd” and Isabel Alvarez-Borland, professor of Spanish at the College of the Holy Cross and author of the book “Cuban-American Literature of Exile.”