Unions and Immigration

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When it comes to immigrant workers, American labor unions have always said vamos, but now they are crooning mi casa es su casa.

Maybe it’s because NAFTA changed the economic ground rules. Or maybe it’s because union membership is at an all time low. Whatever the reason, U.S. union bosses have had a major change of heart. They are embracing undocumented workers, recruiting them into their rolls, and even pressing Washington to issue an amnesty to more than three million Mexicans living and working illegally in this country.

Union leaders could be getting ahead of the rank and file who, fearing for their jobs, may not be ready to embrace their new Mexican companeros.
(Hosted by Tom Ashbrook)


John Wilhelm, president of the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Union

Professor James Green, historian at the College of Public & Community Service, University of Massachusetts, Boston, and Gustavo Mohar the General Director for Migrant and Consular Affairs in Mexico’s foreign ministry.