Nouveau Camp

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There’s a new breed of summer camp vying for your money and your child. Forget the sleep-away adventure for noble savages of sixteen and under, where kids in the woods make friends, pull pranks, and revel in the lack of parental supervision. Say goodbye to the rite of passage and its dizzying mix of hormones and homesickness.

Chances are, you remember well what summer camp used to be: cabins, canoe trips, and hokey plaster artifacts on the family coffee table for years to come. That’s what summer camp still is, in some dark and wooded corners of the world. But at the nouveau camp, overachievers are welcome, and anyone looking for a panty raid need not apply.


Bette Bussel, executive director of the American Camping Association of New England;
Carol Sudduth, camp director, Camp Wyonegonic;
David Wain, co-writer and director of “Wet Hot American Summer”;
Meg Campbell, Harvard University Graduate School of Education.