Why Lawsuits are Good for America

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Lawsuits are as American apple pie. Where else in the world can you hold someone liable for your accidents, errors, and general ineptitude? Go ahead, spill a cup of scalding hot coffee on yourself; you can sue for at least a million.

Sound too good to be true? Well, it is. The court of public opinion long ago ruled that lawyers are the spawn of Satan and plaintiffs are nothing more than opportunists looking to penalize others for their misfortunes: hence, the corporate and conservative appeal for tort reform.

Others argue against the myth of monster lawsuits. They say the civil jury system is a great gift of our founding fathers, representing democracy at its best. In this view, our litigious nation prospers as a result of, not in spite of, lawsuits.


Carl T. Bogus, Associate Professor at Roger Williams School of Law and author of “Why Lawsuits are Good for America”;
Jack H. Olender, Esq., Plaintiff’s Attorney and Past President of the Washington D.C. Bar;
Joseph Montedonico, Esq., Defense Attorney.