National Security

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The question on everyone’s lips on this: The first day of the rest of America’s violently altered life: How? How could it have happened? Counter-terrorism officials in the United States have warned of, and prepared for, some kind of attack. But not this.

Sophisticated in its coordination, but almost low-tech in its execution: Hijack passenger planes. Crash them into the icons of America’s financial and military power. Seize the world’s attention. Put everyone in the Intelligence world on alert; that while they look the other way, at biological, digital, and nuclear threats, a deadly attack can appear out of the clear blue sky on just another work day
America’s shattered security, what went wrong, and what it means for national defense. Next, on The Connection.


Guests: Barry Posen, Professor of Political Science at M.I.T. and Larry Goodson, Associate Professor of International Studies, Bentley College, and author of “Afghanistan’s Endless War”

and General Wesley Clark (Retired), author of “Waging Modern War”.