Mending the American Psyche

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The country is united. A single horror, a single conversation, and, now, a single sorrow. Though it will likely take months to know the human toll, and forever to grasp the magnitude of Tuesday’s terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, the work of repairing shattered souls begins.

In silent vigils, where the inadequacy of words is understood. In well-intended dialogues, where the cold comfort of a shared disbelief has to suffice, and in homes and schools and communities around the nation, where a new mindfulness reigns.

We hug our children just a little bit harder, linger together in the quiet before sleep just a little bit longer, and behold our loved ones with a renewed urgency. Nothing, we were so violently reminded, is forever.


Diana Eck, Professor of Comparative Religions and Indian Studies at Harvard University

Rabbi Earl Grollman

Forrester Church, Senior Minister at the All Souls Church in New York City

and Edward Linenthal, Professor of Religion and American Culture at the University of Wisconsin and author of the upcoming book, “The Unfinished Bombing: Oklahoma City in American Memory.”