Concierge Care

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Wouldn’t it be great to have your doctor’s cell phone number, to be able to sit in her office and have a thoughtful, leisurely discussion about health, to have your physician accompany you to the specialist? Well now you can, for a price. Call it “the country club clinic” or “the platinum practice.” A new kind of medical plan is here, and it’s prompting ethical questions and legal inquiries. Critics say “concierge” care contravenes insurance rules and exploits Medicare, that they create an elitist tier of medical care, and more, that participating doctors are turning their backs on the working class and middle America. Not so, say its practitioners. “This is medicine the way medicine was meant to be – personal, accessible, engaged.”


Dr. Steven Flier, Personal Physicians Health Care

Dr. John Goodson, Primary Care Physician at Mass General Hospital and professor at Harvard Medical School

Paul Ginsberg, Director of the Center for Studying Health System Change

and Darin Engelhardt, Chief Financial Officer of MDVIP .