The Cheney Syndrome

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Dick Cheney is saying “No.” Yesterday, the Vice President toured the Sunday morning news shows, proclaiming, “enough is enough” on the subject of his energy policy meetings – Secret is secret, and when it comes to who he’s met, and what’s been said, he’s drawing a line. The White House has consistently refused to release the guest list and the agenda for those meetings… but the recent collapse of Enron has put a new sharp edge to congressional demands for information. It’s known that Enron people sat in on the task force, so leaders on the Hill want to know about the notes, the ideas and the initiatives that came out of the discussions, and the General Accounting Office says it’ll go to court to find out.


Ryan Lizza, White House correspondent for The New Republic

Eric Yaffe, former Deputy Chief of the Campaign Financing Task Force in the Department of Justice, former Assistant US Attorney in the District of Columbia, currently an attorney with Schmeltzer, Aptaker and Shepard in Washington, DC

and Congressman John Dingell (D-MI).