The Politics of Cartooning

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his list of America’s next stops in the War on Terror, he put Costa Rica on the list. Why? Simple, says Rall. There are no terrorist camps there and attacking would keep things that way. Also it’s conveniently located for an attack, and because it is a friendly neighbor, America would have the element of surprise. Ted Rall is one of a number of editorial cartoonists who, bemoaning the lack of hard criticism in the American media, is declaring his own war on the war on terror. So we turn to the funny pages, and the op-ed’s and the internet, for Ted Rall’s take on the news, the clip art edge of David Rees’ “Get Your War On,” and the invasion of the war into our personal lives in Barbara Brandon-Croft’s “Where I’m Coming From.” Skip the articles and get serious about the funnies.


David Rees, online cartoonist, “Get Your War On”

Ted Rall, syndicated cartoonist and editor of “Attitude: The New Subversive Political Cartoonists”

and Barbara Brandon-Croft, syndicated cartoonist, “Where I’m Coming From.”