Bloody Sunday, Thirty Years Later

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It was 30 years ago but still the stories of Bloody Sunday in Northern Ireland are being told and transcribed… the tales of British Paratroopers with high-powered rifles, the image of a priest waving a white handkerchief, the confusion, the fear, the Catholic teenagers lying dead in the street. These stories are being told today at a tribunal looking into the events of Bloody Sunday. The inquiry is costing hundreds of millions of dollars. Many Protestants say fixing on the past, raising the dead, has a human cost too: preventing Northern Ireland from moving on beyond sectarian violence. One Irish newspaper reflects back on Bloody Sunday as “September 11th” for Northern Ireland, the time when everything changed.


Eamon McCann, writer and journalist

Michael McKinney, Bloody Sunday Trust

and William Hay, Derry City Councilman and DUP representative to the Northern Ireland Assembly