Give Me Shelter

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Take this short Connection quiz on Nesting. You go to get your hair cut, or see the dentist, some place with magazines. What do you reach for? Is it that long Newsweek feature tracking the trail of the terrorist? Is it the U.S. News and World Report story on The Perils of Unilateralism? Or do you reach for the glossy weight of Architectural Digest, or that House and Garden magazine with its feature on which apples make the best pie, or which towels would look best in a bathroom make-over.

Okay, hands off the buzzers. A look at why even you are choosing towels over terrorists. The ongoing urge to feather, to feed and find comfort at home.


Pamela Paul, author, “The Starter Marriage,” and editor, American Demographics magazine

James Pennebaker, professor of psychology, the University of Texas, Austin

Mark Mayfield, editor-in-chief, House Beautiful magazine