The SUV and National Security

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The search for a new rallying cry over national security, sounds something like this: “Kill your SUV!” A number of people and pundits are saying when it comes to fighting terrorism, forget Osama bin Laden. The real villain is in the driveway, that it’s America’s appetite for gas guzzling trucks and sports utility vehicles which keeps this country dependent on foreign oil and vulnerable to foreign terrorists.

They’re hoping some new spins might finally break through the popularity of the Ford Explorer and The Dodge Durango; that SUV soccer moms will wonder where the money goes. Now a religious coalition is urging consumers to consider: “What Would Jesus Drive?” Blaming and shaming the SUV. Personal responsibility and national security.


Jamie Kitman, New York bureau chief and columnist for Automobile magazine

Paul Gorman, executive director of the National Religious Partnership for the Environment

Jerry Taylor, Director of Natural Resources Studies at the Cato Institute.