Vatican Accepts Cardinal's Resignation

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Pope John Paul II today accepted the resignation of Boston’s Cardinal Bernard Law, and with that, one of the most influential and important bishops in the United States, is brought down under the weight of a scandal that still has to be measured. More than 450 people are currently suing the Boston Archdiocese, alleging decades of sexual abuse by priests. Together their claims could total as much as $100 million dollars.

A growing number of lay Catholics and priests have been calling on Law to step down because of disclosures that he and other church officials repeatedly allowed priests who raped and molested children to continue their ministry. Today these groups are expressing relief, vindication, and uncertainty. The future of the Church.


Anne Barrett Doyle, co-founder of the Coalition of Concerned Catholics and Survivors;
James Post, president of Voice of the Faithful;
Scott Appleby, professor of history at the University of Notre Dame

Philip Saviano, head of the New England chapter of the Survivor’s Networks for Those Abused by Priests (SNAP);
WBUR reporter Monica Brady-Meyerov, who has been covering this story.