The Quiet American

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Coming to a theatre near you, another one of the films you didn’t get to see, last year. “The Quiet American” is a tough and satirical look at the USA’s early involvement in Vietnam.

Based on a novel by Graham Greene, the film was to have been released last year but it was withheld after September 11th. It was considered “unpatriotic” because of Greene’s critical take on American foreign policy. Yet now, in the run up to what may be an American-lead attack on Iraq, “The Quiet American” is considered acceptable for viewing; kind of ironic for a film that is essentially a cautionary tale about the U.S. abroad.

We’ll talk with the man who has twice now taken Graham Greene from the page to the screen. Watching others watch America, wondering why the story never seems to change.


Christopher Hampton, screenwriter for “The Quiet American.”