America's Hungry

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Going hungry in America. A report released yesterday by the U.S. Conference of Mayors shows that requests for emergency food assistance are up by nearly twenty percent in major cities across America. The nation’s soup kitchens and food banks are struggling, sometimes failing, to meet demand.

And here’s something else the report reveals. Food banks are serving more families. More mothers and fathers who’ve lost white collar jobs in the airline and high tech industries. Or who lost their low wage jobs, and are now at risk of losing the place they call home. That’s the choice they face: pay the rent, or buy food. The hunger factor: why empty stomachs are sounding new alarms about the health of the American economy


Bill Bolling, executive director, Atlanta Community Food Bank

Catherine D’Amato, president & CEO, Greater Boston Food Bank

Ern and Marge Brown, co-directors, Matlock Food Bank, Matlock, Washington