Fearless Flamenco

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A smoky cafe, dueling guitars, clacking castinettes, and a red dress. The essential ingredients of flamenco, or are they? How about Tom Waits, a Goya painting and a six thousand seat theater?

The creative force of la Compania Maria Pages has caused a tectonic shift in the world of flamenco. With her bold choreography and musical adventures, Maria Pages has done more than any other bailaora to bring flamenco to the public eye. But she has also raised some eyebrows; purists who contend that the gypsy traditions are not to be fiddled with. But Pages dances undaunted. The sine curves of her arms wave to the dance’s Andalusian history all the while welcoming in the modern influences that make what she does, a living, breathing dance.


Maria Pages, dancer and choreographer

Walter Clark, professor of musicology at the University of California, Riverside