Friends and Neighbors: Mexico

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Less than two years ago, Mexico’s new reform-minded president, Vicente Fox, was received with open arms and much fanfare at the Bush White House. The two presidents shared a passion for the cowboy life and a vision for a more robust Mexican-American alliance.

The press dubbed them “the two amigos,” and much was made of their plans to open the border between the two countries. Then came September 11th. Suddenly, letting in more foreigners seemed like a very bad idea, no matter where they came from.

As Mexico’s hopes for more of its citizens to work legally in the United States withered, so did the leaders’ friendship. Today, they barely speak. Two countries. One border. And the geopolitical consequences of a friendship fallen by the wayside.


Ruben Navarrette, Editorial Writer and Columnist, Dallas Morning News

Ana-Maria Salazar, former Clinton Administration Senior Policy Advisor on the Americas