K Street

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Take a few real senators. A few more famous actors. Take away the scripts, bring on the hand held cameras, mix them all together and you get HBO’s new reality series “K Street.” The show claims to give an insider’s view of politics at its grittiest, showcasing the way power, sex and influence are wielded by Washington’s least likeable power brokers, the lobbyists.

Director Steven Soderbergh calls it real time fiction, some critics call it a reckless blend of fact and fantasy. And now, with Howard Dean spouting lines from the show in the real-life democratic debates and Conan the Candidate in California, you have to wonder whether this is a case of life or at least politics, imitating art or the other way around.


Stuart Stevens, co-producer, K Street, and political consultant

Gail Chaddock, Congressional correspondent, The Christian Science Monitor

Alan Hoffman, lobbyist with Timmons and Company.