The Democrats Debate

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And then there were ten. Last night, before a red, white and blue bandstand background, the ten Democratic candidates spun and whirled, and wagged their fingers at George W., and invoked the name of the great and powerful Clinton.

It was Wesley Clark’s first time at the prom, and he didn’t spill anything on himself. John Kerry and Dick Gephardt took Howard Dean out to the parking lot, but he gave back as good as he got. Al Sharpton had the best lines. Mosley Braun complained she was ignored and Bob Graham and Joe Lieberman continued to dance, without attracting much notice. But all ten are now one hundred days away from the real start of primary season, and with President Bush’s approval rating at an all time low, these Democrats are starting to get noticed.


Ken Rudin, political editor for National Public Radio

Frank Luntz, republican pollster and founder of Luntz Research Companies

Allan Murray, Washington Bureau Chief for CNBC and columnist for the Wall Street Journal.