Ellen Goodman's Paper Trail

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Ellen Goodman knows that things and people come and go. For a quarter of a century, she’s made her living observing the vicissitudes of life, and telling people what she thinks about it.

She’s lived through seven presidencies and at least three trials of the century. She’s watched as science, and waistlines, have reached new frontiers. And she’s puzzled over the progress of women in a world where burkas and Bay Watch can co-exist.

In 750-word installments in over 400 newspapers across the country, Goodman mulls over the things that matter to her. And in a media age where the Squawk Box has replaced the Soap Box, Goodman’s personal, unfrenzied approach to opinion making stands apart.


Ellen Goodman, Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper columnist and author of “Paper Trail: Common Sense in Uncommon Times”