Politics, Puppets and Putin

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He’s been called Russia’s most savage political wit. Victor Shenderovich, was one of the creators of “Kukly,” a television puppet show that lampooned Russia’s political elite. The program portrayed Valdimir Putin as a little wimpy czar fearful of his fat bride, Russia, as she called him eagerly to her bridal suite.

The Kremlin was not amused. Over the past few years it has sponsored laws restricting the media. It has watched over the closure of independent TV stations. The puppets have been pulled off the air. TV producers are now unwilling to put Shenderovitch on, so he has turned his attention to radio and a new satire program called “Soft Cheese.” From there, he continues to poke fun at Russia’s leaders, but he worries that it is freedom of speech and democracy that are really under attack.


Victor Shenderovich, Russian political satirist.