Condoleeza Rice

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It’s day two of hearings for Condoleezza Rice as she prepares to become the 66th secretary of state.

Yesterday, she faced tough questions about the Iraq War from Democrats. And while she admitted no mistakes — she also pledged to mend fences with America’s allies, saying that, “the time for diplomacy is now.”

Some see her embrace of diplomacy as a sign that unilateralism will be a non-starter in the second Bush Administration, a sign that the foreign policy hawks, the Vulcans, are finally ready to reach out and touch some allies. Yet critics say putting one of the architects of the Iraq War in charge of America’s diplomatic relations will just mean more of the same.


Kiron Skinner, assistant professor of history and science at Carnegie Mellon University and a member of Defense Secretary Ronald Rumsfeld’s Defense Policy Board

Ambassador Charles Dunbar, professor of international relations at Boston University.