Fidel Castro After 46 Years in Power

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When Fidel Castro rolled into Havana through a parade of cheering Cubans in 1959, he was a revolutionary icon, a romantic hero, and a political superstar. The man who in his youth had been called the “hick” and the “crazy one,” grabbed control of the country at a time when anything seemed possible.

In the 46 years since then, Castro has survived the Bay of Pigs, the fall of the Soviet Union, and U.S. embargoes, and all through those years his repeated promises of democracy and social justice have come up short, leaving his country impoverished and his people broken.

A new documentary now shines a light on the man and his country, two legacies so intertwined they tell the story of each other. Filmmaker Adriana Bosch is here to talk about Castro, and Cuba, and the many lost dreams.


Adriana Bosch, filmmaker, writer and director of “Fidel Castro,” airing January 31 on PBS’s “American Experience.”