Reeling with Lunasa

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Traditional Irish music was not meant to be played up on a stage. It was born of the time spent sitting around a fire at a local pub after a long day at work. The music is known for its intimate circle of musicians, the pounding rhythm and the sound of the flutes that make you just want to get up and dance.

The challenge for Irish musicians is how to stoke that sort of fire for audiences as far away as California and Japan. The Irish band Lunasa is made up of five musicians who’ve moved from pub music to touring internationally with a sound steeped in both tradition and rock and roll.

Tune in to hear the music of Lunasa – a music of the ages from the new Ireland.


Sean Smith on fiddle and whistle

Kevin Crawford on flute, whistle and bodrhan

Trevor Hutchinson on bass

Paul Meehan on guitar

Clillan Vallely on uilleann pipes and low whistle.