The Testing Business

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This Saturday morning, thousands of high school students will take the new version of the SAT. Preparing for the most common university entrance exam in the U.S. is more important than ever in today’s competitive climate. But it’s also become big business: with expensive books, classes, practice tests, and personal tutors.

Now, the most extensive overhaul of the SAT in 80 years has already led to a new round of must-have products promising better scores. But as questions remain about the merits of testing itself, some argue that the new exam is just a way to make even more money in an already booming test preparation industry.

Hear a conversation on the newly revamped SAT and the rising price tag of the testing business.


Jeff Rubenstein, Vice President at The Princeton Review

Bruce Hammond, co-author of the “Fiske New SAT Insider’s Guide,” and director of college counseling at Sandia Preparatory School in Albuquerque, NM

Mark Jackson, senior analyst at Eduventures, an education market research firm in Boston