A Woman's Work

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It’s been 10 years since the United Nations held a world conference in Beijing on the status of women. They talked of human rights abuses, a lack of political representation and poor access to education. The participants committed themselves and their nations to work toward equality.

A decade later, a few changes have taken place. Countries like Rwanda now have women representatives in government. In Morocco, new laws protect women as equal citizens to men.

Still, much remains unchanged. In Saudi Arabia, women do not have the right to vote. In Sudan, rape and torture are still used as weapons of war. Even in the United States, many women remain at the lowest end of the economic order.

Hear about the status of women around the world ten years later.


Awut Deng Acuil, Founder of the Sudanese Women’s Association in Nairobi and the Sudanese Women’s Voice for Peace

Rina Amiri, member of Women Waging Peace, she’s an activist in Afghanistan working with women and minorities, and monitored the presidential election

Lisa Tomanelli, Director of Job Retention Program at Dress for Success in New York, an organization that helps low income women entering the workforce.