Dali Revisited

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Salvador Dali has been called every teenager’s favorite artist and every art critic’s most scorned. Famous for his paintings of melting clocks and desert landscapes with body parts that ooze across the canvas, he’s credited with making surrealism a household word.

While Dali’s contorted renderings of the Freudian subconscious have captivated art lovers worldwide, many dismiss him as a shameless self-promoter interested in celebrity and money. But a new exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art is out to alter that perception. Its curators argue that Dali was a man ahead of his time who influenced such artists as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.

Hear a conversation about the controversial life and art of Salvador Dali.


Michael Taylor, curator of the Salvador Dali exhibit at The Philadelphia Museum of Art

Tyler Green, art critic, Bloomberg News.