India Reaches Out

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India’s neighborhood is becoming a lot more hospitable these days. Its longtime rival Pakistan is now agreeing on a path to peace that it calls “irreversible.” Just last week, China’s Premier visited India and the leaders from both countries agreed to a “strategic partnership for peace and prosperity.”

Diplomatic pledges between peaceful nations don’t usually generate as many headlines as rumblings of war, but when the two countries come with the economic clout and populations of India and China, it is a good bet that such a move is going to shake things up on the world stage.

So how does the rising power of India, linked with the economic muscle of China and its peace with Pakistan affect U.S. interests at home and abroad?


Narasimhan Ravi, editor of the Hindu

Gurcharan Das, author and columnist for the Times of India and former CEO of Proctor & Gamble India

Walter Andersen, Associate Director of the South Asia Studies Program at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

Tarun Khanna, professor at Harvard Business School.