The Judgment on International Law

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There was a shift this month in the long drawn out debate over the U.S. position on the International Criminal Court. Until now, the Bush Administration has been very firm: U.S. law will always come ahead of International treaties, conventions and rulings. But that may be changing.

Recently the Bush Administration chose not to block a U.N. Security Council resolution to refer war crimes in the Darfur region of Sudan to the ICC. This move is rekindling the argument about U.S. opposition to the International Criminal Court. Today, one of the leading lawyers from the Bush Administration and a former judge of the International Court of Justice debate the merits of the ICC.


Judge Christopher Weeramantry, former Vice President of the International Court of Justice

Jack Goldsmith, Formerly Head of the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel, now Professor at Harvard Law. and author of “The Limits Of International Law” ;John Stompor,Senior Associate in the International Justice Program for Human Rights First