Cornelia Funke : A New J.K. Rowling

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Whether it’s a jousting princess or a boy riding dragons, young readers in America are discovering the characters of Cornelia Funke. Like J.K. Rowling, of Harry Potter fame, Funke’s imaginative creatures and characters with attitude are attracting adult readers as well.

Funke is well established in her native Germany, and her writing has only recently been translated and discovered by readers here; however, Hollywood’s film producers are lining up for the chance to put the stories up on the screen.

But if anything distinguishes the writing of Cornelia Funke, it is an ability to weave together her magical worlds, and the real world of ordinary people — the one we all recognize. It is a mix of dragon fire, brownie spit, friendly sea serpents and thick headed humans.


Cornelia Funke, author of “Dragon Rider.”