Rehnquist's Court

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The Supreme Court wraps up its current session today, the most anticipated decision is not a ruling of the court. Many are waiting to see if Chief Justice William Rehnquist, battling cancer since last fall, will choose this moment to announce his resignation.

There are people all across the country ready to begin a new battle over the person who will replace him. Direct-mail letters have already been drafted; databases and offices are staffed for those on the left and the right.

Today we trace the rise of the former justice official in Nixon’s time who became the court’s lone dissenting conservative voice for many years and went on to change the way we look at the Constitution.

Many scholars say the Rehnquist court has been one of the most influential in history. We look at how the court has changed, where it is today, and where it’s heading.


Emily Bazelon, Senior Editor and Legal Analyst for SLATE

Adam Samaha, Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Chicago

Jeffrey Rosen, Law Professor at George Washington Univeristy.