Border Battles

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There are already 11 million illegal immigrants living in the U.S. — and more are arriving each day. The border with Mexico is a dangerous and expensive obstacle course that hundreds of thousands of immigrants navigate each year despite the billions of dollars that are spent to stop them.

Today, Washington is divided over what to do about that, and competing bills are being introduced to fix the problem. One side calls for more money to be spent to seal that border and for greater enforcement of deportation laws. The other wants to change the existing laws to make it easier on immigrants who are already in the United States.

Everyone agrees something needs to be done — and some are beginning to admit that both approaches may be needed to solve the problem. Papers please.


Rep. James Kolbe (R-AZ)

Rep. Thomas Tancredo (R-Col)

Mark Krikorian, Executive Director for the Center for Immigration Studies

Mayor Ray Borane, Douglas, AZ