Exploring "Londonistan"

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London is known as the city in Europe with a heart for radicals. Karl Marx was one of the more famous dissidents to take up residence there after he was expelled from Paris in 1849.

More recently, London has extended the same tolerance to Muslim immigrants who have moved to the city in great numbers. But in the wake of last week’s bomb attacks and the knowledge that four of the alleged suicide bombers were British-born Muslim citizens, this long tradition of openness is now being questioned.

Some are blaming the British government and its lax immigration policies for creating “Londonistan,” a safe haven where Islamic radicals have been ignored and allowed to organized. As the winds shift, many Muslims and Arab citizens are now worried that the city that once took them in, may turn against them..


Michael Goldfarb, London based correspondent for the WBUR documentary unit Inside/Out

Mahmud al-Rashid, publisher of Emel Magazine