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Doug Fink, boating coordinator for Palmer Station, shows us what it takes to keep warm and safe while boating in Antarctica.

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  Layer 1
Doug is wearing polypropylene tops and bottoms and wool socks.

Layer 2
Doug has fleece on the top and bottom

Layer 3
Doug has heavy boots with felt liners and waterproof bib-overalls.

Layer 4
Doug has glacier goggles, a hat, and a "float coat," which is a combination of coat and life vest because it is buoyant.

Notice it has a buckle in addition to the zipper, to hold you in if you go overboard. It also has a piece called the "beaver tail" that wraps around from the back and buckles in front. When it is unbuckled it looks a little like a beaver's tail, and when it is buckled it looks reminiscent of a diaper.

The float coat also comes with a whistle for calling for help and is colored blaze orange (and has reflectors on the shoulders) for visibility. He has a waterproof radio around his neck and is wearing fleece-lined heavy rubber gloves and a fleece hat.