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Watch video of penguins at play.


During his adventure in Antarctica, Dan Grossman captured photos, video and audio of the animals, the environment and the people who live there.

Watch video of Antarctic seals & penguins
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View images of Bill Baker and his dive team, researching the depths of the Antarctic Ocean floor.

Watch videos of Adelie penguins in the wild.

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Watch a sea anemone eat a small krill.
Watch the exciting story about the dangers of icebergs.
See the Gould ship as it moves through an iceberg field
See Antarctic penguins at play
See Donna Patterson explain her research and what it is like to work at Palmer Station.
Watch large elephant seals at play in the water near Palmer Station.

Video by Brett Pickering
See the power of an antarctic storm.
Watch a timelapsed video of Antarctic sealife
Watch a timelapsed video of Antarctic starfish

View images from Dan Grossmans's travels.
Fun and Games at Palmer
Some examples of what people do at the bottom of the world for fun.
The Journey Home
Pictures from aboard the L.M. Gould.
Read Dan's journal entry.

A Final Farewell
The farewell festivities, as visitors prepare to leave Palmer station.
Read Dan's journal entry.
Bill Fraser's Penguin Research
Scientist Bill Fraser shows ist the impact of climate change on Adelie penguins.
Read Dan's journal entry.
Antarctic Wildlife
Elephant seals, humpback whales and Adelie penguins.
Read Dan's journal entry.
Home Away From Home
Pictures from the one-room shelter called "the hut," a retreat where Palmer staff can have solitude.
Read Dan's journal entry.
Climbing in Crevasses
Pictures from inside Antarctica's ice.
Read Dan's journal entry.
The Joubin Islands
Wildlife and waters of the Joubin Islands.
Read Dan's journal entry.
Antarctic Scenery
Scenery from the waters around Palmer Station.

Robin Ross
Robin Ross, the biologist, studies krill. Antarctic Krill is the most basic form of life in the Antarctic ecosystem, and the most integral. View images of Robin and her dive team.
Aerial Survey
Accompany Researcher Bill Fraser and as he prepares for and executes an aerial survey of Palmer Station.
Read Dan's journal entry.
Southern Giant Petrels
Dan Grossman travels with scientist Donna Patterson to Humble Island to see her attach lightweight radio transmitters to southern giant petrels
Read Dan's journal entry.

Seals and Penguins
Learn about some of the animals that Dan has encountered on the Antarctic Peninsula.

Views from the Laurence M. Gould
View some scenes of the water Dan witnessed while en route to Palmer Station from Punta Arenas.

Antarctic Wildlife
View images of some of the wildlife Dan Grossman has seen since his arrival at Palmer Station.
Views from the Laurence M. Gould
View some scenes of the water Dan witnessed while en route to Palmer Station from Punta Arenas.

Punta Arenas
Dan set out on the Laurence M. Gould from Punta Arenas on December 31st. View images from the city.
Antarctic Scenery
View images from Antarctica. These photos were taken by Guillaume Dargaud, while he was working there.
Laurence M. Gould
View images of the ship, the Laurence M. Gould.