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Dan Grossman
Dan Grossman
Dan Grossman on a whale watching trip. Photo by Laura Hamilton
Dan has been producing radio stories and writing magazine articles since 1986. Before that he was a student for longer than he cares to recall, eventually earning a B.S. in physics and a Ph.D. in political science, both from MIT. His reports generally concern science and the environment. During the 1999/2000 academic year he had a journalism fellowship at the University of Colorado in Boulder. There he studied geology and climate science, taking an important step toward his longstanding goal of bringing more attention to the impact of climate change. Dan's reporting on climate issues has taken him to many far-flung places, all of which begin with "A" including Alaska, Argentina, Australia and, now, Antarctica. (He hasn't found a climate-change angle in Afganistan, but welcomes suggestions.)

He has produced material for radio shows and networks as diverse National Public Radio's Weekend Sunday Edition and Living on Earth (where he once worked), Radio Netherlands, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Germany's Deutsche Welle radio. He writes regularly for Scientific American. Dan's journalism awards include the George Foster Peabody Award and the American Association for the Advancement of Science Pinnacle of Excellence prize (both of which were awarded to a series to which Dan contributed a one-hour documentary). When he's not working Dan is trying to keep his old house from falling down and taking his two children to museums in the Boston area.

Dan is grateful to the following organizations that contributed to his expedition to Antarctica: the National Science Foundation, which invited him to Palmer Station; Rycote, for microphone wind protection; the International Transducer Corporation for the loan of a hydrophone and HHB, for the loan of a minidisk recorder.

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  • Parched "Turf Battle: Did Climate Changes Cause Civilizations to Collapse?" by Dan Grossman for Scientific American (pdf, download acrobat reader here)

  • "Dissent in the Maelstrom: Maverick Meteorologist Richard S. Lindszen Keeps Right On Arguing That Human Induced Global Warming Isn't a Problem" for Scientific American (pdf, download acrobat reader here)

  • Work Dan has done for The Great Lakes Radio Consortium